8 Pairs Anti-wrinkle moisture Crystal Collagen Eye Mask

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100% brand new and high quality
Crystal Collagen Eye Mask Anti-Aging
Eye Bag Remover Anti Wrinkle Dark Circles Care Deep Moisture
Prevent & Refine Aging.
Powerful removes puffiness & crows feet.
Powerful reduces dark circles.
Eye bag remover.
Deep moisturizing and wrinkle smoothing
Skin is firmer and softer
Giving a youthful appearance

Nutrition and moisturizing functions better, so that the skin around the eyes moist, water retention, and the release of active ingredients to promote eye micro vascular circulation, strengthen the eye skin metabolism, and stimulate collagen elastic proliferation, enhance the flexibility of the eye skin , to tighten the skin, eliminate fine lines eye, slow down production of coarse grain to reduce fatigue caused by such phenomena as the bags under the eyes and the black eye and suppress dry eyes, eye astringent, so that the skin around the eye soft , meticulous, let your eyes greater spirited.

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